Friday, September 24, 2010

Country Breakfast Burritos

I cooked up some really really good burritos yesterday morning. I got this idea from a burrito I ate in Chico, CA @ CJ's Last Chance Country Store & Cafe.

I cooked up some sausage links and diced them into little pieces.

I then made some country sausage gravy from a packet. I don't remember the brand and any will do.
I had some frozen hash browns that I baked in the oven and chopped up into tinier pieces.
Once I had all these fillers prepared I put a little of each into a flour tortilla and topped it with some Monterrey jack cheese. I rolled em' up and we were good to go.

Super easy, soo very good, and pretty darn fast.

doesn't look like much but soooo yummy inside :)

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