Sunday, January 30, 2011

Splash Cafe, Pismo Beach, CA

While visiting family on California's central coast, we ate at the award winning Splash Cafe. Famous for it's Clam Chowder and bread bowls, they also serve fish n' chips, burgers, seafood salads, chili, fish tacos, and much more. We had the chowder in a bread bowl and fish n chips. There is nothing like it.
(I do however really like the fish n' chips at Pismo Beach Fish & Chips, also in Pismo Beach. Just down the street.)

You can find them @ They can also be found on Facebook, Splash Cafe, Pismo Beach, CA.

Here's what it usually looks like, just to get a cup of chowder, I'm telling you it's THAT good!!

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  1. I so remember that place. the best clam chowder ever. So jealous!!!


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