Sunday, December 19, 2010

20 Questions for the chef

20 Questions

1. What are five spices everyone needs in their pantry?
Well, it goes without saying, salt&pepper. So that out of the way, for me it's an Italian spice blend, ground cumin, paprika, garlic salt, and cinnamon. Oh wait, can I have one more??

2. What did you have for dinner last night?

We actually went to a late lunch/dinner last night, Cafe' Waterfront in Eureka, CA. So good. My husband had the crab salad sandwhich and I had a toasted turkey w/ swiss on sourdough. BUT, the night before we had Peking Duck, made from fresh duck.

3. Favorite breakfast?
Tough one. I was raised a country girl so I'd have to say, biscuts and gravy with sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns. YUM. & maybe some fresh fruit to balance it out, maybe.

4. What’s a spice that’s often misunderstood?

Umm, probably chili powder. It's not HOT like people think. A little bit adds this kick that make people wonder, what is that? But too much will kick you.

5. New spice you’ve recently discovered?

Ground cloves, I love to use it in baking. I just made Persimmon Cookies using it. The smell and flavor is amazing.

6. Guilty pleasure food?

Burgers and french fries! No doubt!! I love to put new spins on burgers; use different BBQ sauces, bacon, swiss, mushrooms, sauted onions, stuff the middle with cheese....ummm yeah.

7. Favorite vacation spot?

Since, I haven't had a BIG vacation in so long, I would have to say a trip to San Francisco. It's close to us so it makes it do-able with kids. There is so much to do there. Museums, theater, great food, shopping, on and on and on...Love that city.

8. Dream vacation destination?

I want to go to St. Croix. It looks beautiful and carefree.

9. Do you have any pets?

Yes. At home we have two pue bred pitbull dogs. Our boy, Boogie and Tank, our female. Both total babies and super lazy I have to say. We own a dog kennel so we have lots of dogs.

10. Coffee or tea?

In the morning, it has to be coffee. . At night, or with a soar throat hot tea. Peppermint is my current favorite.

11. How do you take it?

My tea usually has lemon or a little bit of honey. And my coffee, some kind of flavored creamer and sugar.

12. Favorite TV show? Doesn’t have to be a food show.

I have lots of shows. Most on HBO, Showtime, etc. I'm totally into Dexter, Big Love, Sparticus, Eastbound & Down, Hung, True Blood...umm I think thats it. And the Food Nework.

13. Person you’d love to cook with?

Oh hands down Paula Deen. I think I'm in love with that woman.

14. One food you couldn’t live without?

Potatoes!! I could never give them up. Baked, fried, mashed, chopped, however I don't care!!

15. Favorite food from childhood?

My mom's meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Oh so good.

16. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Ben and Jerry's Half Baked or Butter Pecan.

17. Favorite holiday?

Halloween, hands down. I love the decorations, costumes, and fun it means for my kiddos. My husband is bah-hum-bug about Halloween, but I don't let it get me down. :-)

18. Favorite book?

That's tough, maybe The Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick or Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler.

19. Favorite cookbook?

I like them all. My newest is The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond.

20. Signature dish, if you had to pick one?

I really like my Green Chicken Enchilladas. (the recipe is on the blog somewhere below)

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