Thursday, February 17, 2011

Festive Caramel Apples

I made these caramel apples for a Valentine's party that my girlfriend Lori ( ) had for our kiddos. A few other friends were there with their little ones and the kids had a blast!!
I was going to make cookies, but I knew the kids were going to be on sugar over load anyways. I also figured that the adults would like these. I mean who doesn't like a good caramel apple??
They remind me of being little at the county fair. Aww the memories.

Add a little holiday sprinkles and you are good to go!!

To make these: I bought some Granny Smith apples. These taste the best I think.

I bought a package of Branch's Caramel, the sticks were included.

I washed and dried the apples, inserted the sticks and began to melt my caramels.

I put 2 tablespoons of water in a medium sauce pan and added in my caramels. This is on medium-low heat. Constantly stirring, to prevent burning. Once it was all melted I turned the heat off but kept the pan on the burner. One at a time, I covered the apples, and placed them on greased parchment paper. When on the paper, I sprinkled them with Valentine's sprinkles. CUTE.
Once they were all covered, I put them in the refrigerator on let them harden.

Thats it, they are really easy. And soo yummy. Enjoy *Cheers


  1. These are nice and not just for kids :) I used to buy it on a fair cause was too lazy to make it at home :))


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