Friday, August 20, 2010

My first blog..1st dinner

Well, here it goes.
Tonight I decided to take on a Rachael Ray recipe and might I say it was pretty awesome. I made "The Devil's Shrimp". Basically, shrimp pasta, slightly spicy from the little bit of chili pepper. I used the recipe as a guide and edited it to my taste. I use spaghetti noodles instead of what the recipe called for b/c thats what I had in my pantry. I added my own garnish of a 3 cheese blend of asiago, parmesan, and romano(by Stella), and used Berio extra virgin olive oil.  The recipe is available on Rachael's office website I also served the dish with olive parmesan focaccia bread purchased from my local grocery store and chilled Yellow Tail chardonnay. No I didn't give the kids wine, they had milk. It was a hit with the hubby but slightly spicy for my two little ones. Next time I'll use less pepper and chili. Good for a first attempt. It's a good fast meal, give it a try!!
  Happy eating.
My favorite EVOO

finished product..YUM!!!

Empty pans..always a good sign!!

Pasta With Shrimp on FoodistaPasta With Shrimp

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