Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rachael Ray People's Choice for best chef??

Wait wait wait a stinkin' second..... Rachael Ray won People's Choice Award for Best Chef?? Ok now mass public, she is really not that wonderful. Do you watch her show?? It's horrible, and she only cooks for like 15 minutes of it and the rest she barely knows what to talk to her guests about. Me no likely.  I have used her recipes in the past, I will say. But she is definitely not my favorite. Paula Deen, The Neeleys (by the way I just love how she always says to him "oh yeah Daddy" lol), Bobby Flay, umm anyone else on Cooking Channel or Food Network?!?!?!?!?

I'm blown away, damn near speechless. So here's my theory on why she won.

Number One she is a child of Oprah. I mean she did get her own she because of Ms. O.
Number Two she is on network TV, either middle of the day, or afternoon when most housewives are watching the tube. She's on a non-cable channel so a lot people are exposed to her.
Three, she's kinda the "mass media chef". She's in all kinds of commercials, has her own magazine(again, a Harpo product), cookware on QVC, and unlike many of my favorites she's a household name now. Oh the tragedy.

Oh well, we can't win em all Paula. But remember I love you.
So theres my rant on that. :-)


  1. I subscribed to her magazine for a year and then cancelled because the recipes were redundant. All she does is open cans and mix them together. Even I know how to do that. Not impressed.

  2. I have to say I do agree! It's not that I dislike her I just feel there are some way better chefs! As much as I love a quick meal, her style of cooking doesn't really light my apron on fire. I can appreciate what she tries to do for the home cook and I think for people who don't have great cooking skills she can be a benefit. As far as just opening a can...this is why I refuse to watch Sandra Lee!! Her stuff is just awful and I wouldn't feed it to my dog!

  3. Totally agree ladies! I try and use as little canned stuff as possible, I do occasionaly though, and I find that both of those ladies do that too much for my liking.


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